A Tribute to Dr. Wayne Dyer

Dr. Wayne Dyer

On August 30, I was saddened to hear about the passing of Dr. Wayne Dyer, a very influential spiritual teacher in my life and the life of millions. Dr. Dyer had so many key sayings and quotes, which run through my mind. I list some of my favorites below. His teachings and wisdom could be […]


50 Reasons to Practice Yoga

Egyptian Yoga

There are countless benefits to starting a yoga practice, here are 50 of my favorites, but the list can go on and on. My clients like to share their experiences with their yoga practice. Visit the Thanks page where you can read some client yoga testimonials. If you know of a benefit which is not […]


Robyn Donaldson meditating in desert at Joshua Tree

My First “Post Yoga bliss” experience

I love seeing my students and clients experience the “post yoga bliss.” It is like a little spirit light is turned on in the person during class and that light continues to radiate with them well after the class. Hearing other people’s stories got me thinking about my first “post yoga bliss” experience. I had […]

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Thai Yoga Bodyworks Massage

Thai Yoga Bodywork/Massage – Summer special – Book NOW for great savings!

What is Thai Yoga Bodywork Massage? Thai Yoga Bodywork is an ancient healing art originating in India and Thailand. It is a relaxing and therapeutic bodywork for ALL body types. Thai Yoga Bodywork opens and stretches the body, taking clients into deep relaxation; increasing flexibility, helping to increase blood circulation, revitalizes the nervous system, releasing […]

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