How To Find The Roadmap To Your Life’s Purpose

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How I Found The Road Map to My Life’s Purpose

I remember after my yoga teacher training in South Florida, my friend Patti invited me to attend a meditation workshop in Deerfield Beach focused on finding your life’s purpose. During that time I was teaching yoga, in-between political campaigns and the U.S. was coming off the 2008 presidential election and experiencing the first wave of the recession. I felt this workshop was divinely timed. I knew I wanted to change sectors and get away from careers in law, politics and business, all areas I had studied and worked in for years. Sure there were things I enjoyed about those sectors, the fast paced work environment, problem solving, dealing with complex questions, intellectual debates and doing work to help people. However, I did not like the way I felt in those high stress job situations and frankly, I knew my life’s purpose was not necessarily connected to these areas.

I arrived at the yoga studio with Patti and her daughter, who was graduating high school and making the decision as to whether she should continue onto college or continue to pursue a modeling career in NYC. Patti felt this workshop would help her daughter make her decision. The yoga teacher came into the studio, she introduced herself. She said her name was Charlene (a good sign, Charlene was my favorite great aunt’s name).

Charlene asked everyone to grab a pillow to use for the meditation portion of the workshop. Then, she grabbed a copy of the Bhagavad Gita, a sacred, ancient text and she read some passages from it, which focused on the concept of Dharma as a “life purpose through the soul’s purpose” in relation to our yoga practice. Afterwards Charlene shared a little more about herself. I do not remember all the specifics, but I do remember Charlene use to be an attorney and eventually left her law practice to pursue being a full time yoga instructor and massage therapist. Her story was so similar to mine.

Meditating On Your Life’s Purpose

After she finished her story, we sat in silence and stillness for a 20-minute meditation. Charlene passed out a green sheet of paper, which had about 5 questions on it. She asked us to read the questions, and then write whatever ideas, images or concepts, came up for us, first. She advised us “not to THINK about it” when we wrote out answers, instead she encouraged us to tune into our heart. It was similar a message my grandmother and her older sister, my Aunt Charlene use to tell me “It is your life, you have to do what makes you happy and your heart will tell you what makes you happy.”

1.) What did you want to be when you were a child?

2.) When is the last time that you lost track of the time and what were you doing when it happened?

3.) If you could do anything in the world and money was not an issue, what would you do?

4.) How do you want to be remembered when you die?

5.) Who do you admire? What do you admire about them?

Listening to Your Heart

All of my answers had to do with yoga, travel, teaching, writing, photography and connecting with people. Back then; a part of me was surprised by my answers, mostly because outside of yoga, my life did not reflect my answers. During the time of that workshop, my life involved working in high stress situations, working 80-hour weeks with little time left for any extracurricular activities. I looked at many of my answers as “hobbies” rather than passions that I should be putting the majority of my energy into.

It was then when I remembered an Oprah Winfrey Show when she said Americans often connect their life’s purpose with a job. I was one of those people. Once I completed the questions, everything became crystal clear for me because I knew my answers were coming directly from my heart. I loved being creative. I loved music. I enjoyed being in a peaceful, relaxed state and delving into spiritual principles and philosophy. I loved learning about new cultures and doing work with people to empower. I enjoyed connecting people and inspiring them. I wanted to continue making a difference in people’s lives and share what I learn.

I felt like I finally had a road map straight from my heart about what truly brought me joy in life. I had direction. However, the next step was learning what to do with this information. It seemed like a large hill to climb, bringing these things into my life. It took some time, but eventually my life started to reflect my Dharma. I took some bold steps to make changes in my life. I started to make more time for activities that brought me joy. I quit my job. I moved and started to focus on my passions, which led to me teaching yoga, something I know that is part of my life’s path.

I encourage readers to honor those whispers of your heart and to follow things in life which brings you joy. My prayer for the readers (and the world) is to honor your heart’s calling, listen to those life whispers encouraging you to slow down and do what you love. Put your energy into nurturing your passions in life.  The more people in the world walking their path, the better our world will be.  

Writing Exercise:

Go to a quiet place and sit down in a comfortable position. (If you do not want to sit in silence, then turn on some calming music).

Meditate for 10-20 minutes

After you finish the meditation, grab a sheet of paper and answer the following questions (remember write the first things that come to you):

1.) What did you want to be when you were a child?

2.) When is the last time that you lost track of the time and what were you doing when it happened?

3.) If you could do anything in the world and money was not an issue, what would you do?

4.) How do you want to be remembered when you die?

5.) Who do you admire? What do you admire about them?

Then, hold onto your answers. Put them in a safe place where you will remember to read them. Check back periodically whether every season, every 6 months or once a year. Look and see if your life is reflecting your heart’s callings.

Do you know your life’s purpose? What tools did you use to figure it out? How did you know? 


  1. Such an inspiring story, Robyn!!

    I’m at a crossroads now where I’m trying to live my life’s purpose because I know it’s not what I’m doing now. And, I really enjoyed that you shared the 5 questions that made all of the difference to you. I’ve thought about the answers to these questions as I’m riding to work or standing in line, but I’ve never really given them my full attention — which they deserve!

    Thanks for the inspiration and the reminder!

    • Robyn Donaldson says:

      You are welcome Jennifer!! I hope you will take the time and space to go inside and hear the answers to those questions, it may surprise you or at least validate what you already know about your path! Thanks so much for sharing your blog too, “How a Trip to Argentina Taught Me to Overcome Fear.” It was inspiring for me as well!