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Trees in winter season
Take the time to feed your body, mind and spirit this winter season! It has been quite a snowy and cold winter, but spring is not too far off, so let’s take advantage of this hibernation time to let go and transform! Join me and the rest of the participants for a 14 Day Winter Cleanse!
Cleanse begins: Saturday, February 15, 2014
Cleanse ends: Saturday, March 1, 2014

During those 14 days, we will take our bodies, minds and spirits on a journey towards wellness and self-care. I will provide step by step emails with recipe ideas, videos, healthy living tips, inspiration and motivation, as well as quick exercises and activities to help facilitate the cleanse process.

Make a commitment to the Winter Cleanse and experience some of the following BENEFITS:
More energy, clearer skin, fresher outlook on life, more relaxed, more peaceful, less bloated, more satisfied, less heavy and sounder sleep!

(By the way...This is not a juicing fast, we will eat delicious, high nutrient foods and there are not any supplements involved).

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You CAN eat as much of the following foods:

Whole food vegetables and fruits (such as: artichokes, asparagus, beets, bok choy, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, carrots, collard greens, cucumbers, eggplant, garlic, kale, lentils, leeks, lettuce, onions, mustard greens, okra, peppers, radishes, squash, string beans, sweet potatoes, swiss chard, turnips, water chestnuts, yams, zucchini, etc…). Brown rice, quinoa, beans, sweet potatoes, raw honey, frozen vegetables and fruits (but preferably fresh, organic), freshly made juices, water, tea. After Day 6, grassfed, organic meat and wild caught fish. When cooking foods, please use the following processes: baking, roasting, sauteing, steaming or raw eating.
Recommended foods/drinks to AVOID and REFRAIN:

Any fried foods, soda, any food which comes in a can, jar or box (avoid all processed foods), fast food, alcohol, chocolate, sugar, flour, battered foods, juices, energy drinks, dairy and coffee/caffeine. Avoid farm raised fish; and meat or poultry fed with antibiotics and/or hormones. Avoid cooking processes which involves frying, microwaving, grilling or slow roasting.

Winter trees and lake

Winter Cleanse: Relax, Release & Retreat

Day 1 – Day 6:

Vegetarian or vegan meals

Day 7 – Day 14:

Add meat, poultry (Preferably grassfed, organic meats and wild caught fish),
as well as vegetarian and vegan meals.

I write more about clean eating here: How Clean Eating Changed My Life

Also, here are some wonderful websites for you, which features hundreds of recipes and meal ideas!
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  1. Robyn,
    I am ready for these snowy, below zero winter days to end. I have nasal congestion which I haven’t had in years. I am ready for a change so I’ll start with “Robyn’s Winter Cleanse” on Feb. 15th. I need an invigorating winter cleanse to rid me of any toxins in my body. Robyn, bring it on!
    Thanks Robyn!

    • Robyn Donaldson says:

      Wonderful!! You will be pleasantly surprised how your body responds! Glad to have you part of the group!

  2. Very excited to sign up for this! Will we receive daily emails? I tried the oil pull this morning and my gag reflex made it difficult. I lasted about 5 minutes–does it get better?

    • Robyn Donaldson says:

      Yes, I sent a Day 1 email earlier today, maybe check your Spam folder. You may have to add my email to your contacts list. Yes, the oil pulling should get better over time. I could only do it for 5 minutes when I first did it. Then, over time I built up to 20 minutes. I have only used coconut oil though, so it may depend on the type of oil you use. But, over time, you may start to notice some changes. Great job!!!

  3. Robyn Donaldson says:

    Also, Pam, a friend said she puts it under her tongue because she has a strong gag reflex. Just listen to your body, experiment with portions and even if you just do it for a few minutes that’s great!

  4. Asia Hamilton says:

    I’m getting a very late start. I’m actually starting my winter cleanse today. Better late than never :-) I was wondering for the first week can I have eggs, mushrooms, oatmeal… Do you have any suggestion of things to eat for breakfast that will be filling. I work out in the morning so fruit is not getting it.

    • Robyn Donaldson says:

      It is ok if you start late, just follow the emails and guidelines and do your best. For breakfast, I have incorporated rice and fruit or quinoa and banana. Oatmeal is fine and mushrooms too. If you can stay away from the eggs the first 7 days, then incorporate them. Smoothies or green drinks can work in the morning as well.